Don't Try to Remove Stains


If you have the misfortune to get a stain on a garment, we strongly recommend doing nothing with it. Bring it to your dry cleaning professionals as soon as possible. Trying to remove the stain yourself, especially with water, will often set the stain and make it impossible to remove.


Confess Your Stains


Dry cleaning is wonderful for removing general grime from clothing but may not work on specific stains. Don’t assume that the dry cleaner will find all the stains. If your clothes have stains, always point it out in advance and tell the cleaner what it is if you know. Giving a heads-up will help your cleaner do a better job.

Store Clothing Properly


The plastic bags that dry cleaners use are meant to help you get your garments home dust free. Remove your clean clothes from the bag as soon as you hang them in your closet and recycle the bag. Don’t store your clothing in the bags as they can trap residual moisture and allow mildew to form.

Take in Garments Promptly


Leaving a pile of clothes in the back seat of the car until you remember to go to the cleaners is not a good idea. Sunlight and heat in a closed car can cause your clothes to fade, set in stains and weaken fabric fibers.

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